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About Us


Our Company

Bigler Group, LLC was established in early 2006. The company is focused in three major areas:
  • General technology consulting and infrastructure solutions, primarily for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market.
  • Managed service offerings for monitoring, remote operation and management, and data collection.
  • Complex projects requiring coordination of multiple disciplines.

Our Corporate Mission

We help our customers maximize their business results by making the best possible use of their information technology resources.

We provide solutions that include the computers, networks, software, web sites, internet connections, telecommunications devices, services, and all the other bits and pieces that businesses depend upon to thrive in today's marketplace.

Bigler Group, LLC exists for one primary reason: our mission is to help managers of businesses and organizations negotiate this technology maze.

Our staff helps you understand your organization's needs by analyzing how you do business and how you make use of your information technology.

After analysis, we deliver a set of recommendations on how best to address these needs and help you implement, operate, and maintain the resulting solutions.

Our Team

Bigler Group, LLC is owned and managed by its president, Art Bigler.

Art has over 30 years experience in the technology industry serving a wide range of customers. His entire career has been focused on the application of computer technologies to help solve his customer's critical business problems.

Art earned his degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus in computer and communication systems from the University of Pittsburgh.

His highly successful career includes positions of increasing responsibility with the following companies:
  • Compunetics, Inc. - design of computers and tactical data systems
  • Essex Group, a division of United Technologies - management of projects in automotive and consumer electronics
  • Contraves-Goerz Corporation - project management and engineering of multi-million dollar tracking and measurement systems
  • Digital Equipment Corporation - engineering, support, sales, marketing, and management over a 14 year career in both partner and end-user organizations
  • Marconi Communications - network engineering support strategic industry solutions
  • WAWD Systems - director of sales and strategic planning

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